La "Piedra del Sol" y la relectura de los mitos cosmogónicos

  • Elżbieta Siarkiewicz


Elżbieta Siarkiewicz

Abstract/ short description:

The article describes the famous monument called "Piedra del Sol" (Aztec Calendar). It was found in 1790 during construction works in the main square of Mexico, D.F. Since then the monument has captured the attention of many scholars. Siarkiewicz revisits the symbolic meanings of the monument. She relates the symbols to famous the "Leyenda de los soles" mentioned in the colonial literature and archaeo-astronomical reconstructions of ancient Mexican calendar systems.

Short description written by Michal Gilewski

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Siarkiewicz, E. (1999). La "Piedra del Sol" y la relectura de los mitos cosmogónicos. Estudios Latinoamericanos, 19, 87-100.